Trend & Moodboards

Trying to figure out your brand positioning and USP?

Wondering what your competitors are up to but just don’t have time to check it out? Let me clarify that with a comprehensive trend board.   Dive into the unique details that will help your brand stand out with a mood board and turn your vision into marketable ideas.

Flat Sketches  

Have an idea in your head of what you want or a sample in hand but need to clearly communicate your ideas?

I can help you produce clear, accurate sketches to communicate your ideas effectively.

Technical Design  

Want to make your factory love working with you? Tired of endless emails to clarify details? Confused by yarn counts and gauges?

I can help you produce your ideas successfully and quickly with a minimum of sampling costs with a detailed tech pack. 


Have a feeling that you might not be getting the best price or service from your current vendor but scared of the hassle of moving?

I can help find a factory that will make samples that you are thrilled with at a price that your customers will love. 

Fit Comments

If looking at a spec page and grading gives you a headache and you’re tired of the factory misunderstanding what you meant and feel like all your money is going on samples?

Let me help with sample comments!